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About us

Scrbbly is an innovative online English Literature and Language learning platform. It’s for students of all levels who are looking to improve their essay and exam grades.

The platform provides access to video courses that students can watch and make notes from, in their own time. Each course teaches you how to study a particular literary text (poems, plays and novels), or how to write and analyse a non-literary form (essays, speeches, letters, articles, diary entries).

There are also skills-based courses to help you refine your essay writing and exam technique. Some modules are designed around specific exam boards (AQA, CIE, OCR). Others have a broader focus and teach you how to tackle different types of essays and exam questions. The skills you learn from these are applicable to any essay-based subject; they are transferable to subjects such as history, politics, law, modern foreign languages and classics.

Scrbbly video courses and learning resources are perfect for independent learning, home schooling, revision and students taking resits.


If you want to go above and beyond what you’ve been taught at school or university, reach your full potential and get better grades...

Scrbbly is for you.

For Students

  • Friendly, approachable videos that give you the support you need to get top grades.
  • Courses designed to suit you - choose texts, non-literary forms and exam boards.
  • Extra support with aspects of English that are often missed out in class.
  • Understand mark schemes
  • Learn how to target your answers to suit the question.
  • Learn how to write perfect exam answers and essays.
  • Great for revision, resits, independent learning, perfecting your exam or essay technique.

For Parents

  • Provide your children with affordable extra support for their GCSEs, A Levels and University work.
  • Gain access to course material, so you can keep up to date with what your children are learning.
  • Full video courses based on individual texts or non-literary forms, build your own courses or follow a pre-established course that fits a particular exam board.
  • Suitable for students who are homeschooled, seeking extra tuition, retaking exams, needing extra support with revision or exam and essay technique.

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You can watch Scrbbly courses on any device, so you can learn on the go.

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